Pain Management Specialist: Hasan Badday, MD

Pain Management Specialist located in Irvine, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hasan Badday is a board certified, fellowship trained Interventional pain management specialist. He earned his American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation after completing a PMR residency program in Georgetown and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Pain MedicineDr. Badday believes in a comprehensive physiatric approach to treating pain, with the goal to restore and maximize function. He does this through a multimodal approach which has been proven to be effective in treating chronic pain. 

This is a personalized approach to pain management that includes, physical rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, psychology, medications, and advanced pain interventions, minimally invasive surgery, and complementary and alternative medicine in various combinations. He is dedicated to helping his patients to manage and relieve their pain to live full and active lives. 

Dr. Badday is committed to the diagnosis, treatment and care of his pain patients with a wide variety of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions. Having performed thousands of spinal pain injections, Dr. Badday is recognized for his exceptional skills and patient care.

His practice is currently welcoming new patients to his practice and accepts most major forms of medical insurance.


Nicole Park, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

Located in Irvine, CA

Nicole Park is a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner specializing in pain management and Sports Medicine. With a Master of Science in Nursing degree from UCSF and board certification as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, Nicole brings advanced education, expertise, and specialized care to her role at Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine.

Nicole is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care through comprehensive treatment options, both in-person and via telemedicine. Her proficiency in therapeutic interventional procedures, such as joint injections and epidurals, allows her to address the underlying causes of pain effectively.

In addition, Nicole performs various in-office procedures with precision while maximizing patient comfort. These include intra-articular knee, subacromial shoulder, trigger point, and trigger finger injections. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures accurate administration and optimal patient satisfaction.

With her extensive experience, dedication to excellence, and commitment to comprehensive pain management, Nicole Park is an invaluable asset to the field and to her patients